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resk8 table furniture detail showing the skateboard colours

Unique furniture and accessories handcrafted from broken skateboards

-High quality pieces

-Sustainable production

-Fully customizable

By repurposing wood waste, we create unique pieces that tell a story.

These are the three pillars re.SK8 goes by

Custom wood working

For custom projects feel free to contact us.

re.SK8 accessories

Explore the colourful re.SK8 accessories handmade from broken skateboards. Treat your phone and your home with unique pieces.

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re.SK8 furniture

Discover unique and sustainable furniture. Made to last and to make an impression.

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The magical process

How do old skateboards become re.SK8 furniture and accessories?

Pimp your phone

Discover our wood phone cases. High quality cases to protect your phone and convey your style.

Francisco Varela founder of re.sk8 and gcode factory with a wood multifunctions table made from broken skateboards

Meet us

Find the passionate story behind re.SK8 designs.