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Right in the center of Lisbon in Luciano Cordeiro street you face a cozy and attractive space. The warm hues of the wood and the fragrances from the oriental dishes invite late lunches and dinners. The recipes are from Thailand but the furniture was produced in Lisbon, at the re.SK8 Atelier. Welcome to Luka Lisboa.



The invitation came from Una Plaune, who brought the LUKA Restaurant concept to our city together with João Gonçalves. The project was designed by OTO architects and Francisco made it happen by producing all the pieces of furniture that decorate and give LUKA its soul. The industrial style of the building and the oriental ambience of the kitchen were the inspiration for these custom pieces.




Each table tells a different story. Because we believe in a world that cares about the environment and waste must be minimized, the table legs were reused from the tables of the old pastry shop that existed there. The table tops are from different types of wood and were produced at re.SK8 Atelier. We invite you to discover the details of the tops.



The shelves and other furniture are in straight lines to be functional but also to create a comfortable space. The cutlery holders complement each meal with its simplicity and elegance that only hand worked wood can have.



The 4 meter suspended bar and its counter are Luka's soul and the centerpiece of the room. A challenge from OTO architects for re.SK8! A complex piece of wood furniture. Open wicker doors reveal shelves of colorful curiosities. The counter allows you to eat alone or with company with a view of the bar. We also suggest an attentive look at all the details.



Streaks of LED light create a mixed East-West atmosphere. Each piece was tailor-made for this space, and it shows. The different shades of wood together with the pastel tones of the walls and the green of the ceiling result in a comforting and familiar atmosphere. Visiting Luka Lisboa is a unique experience for fans of oriental food and woodworking enthusiasts. The hard part will be leaving.


Would you like to have custom pieces for your business or your house? At re.SK8 we produce custom furniture with all types of wood adapted to your space and ideas.


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