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At re.SK8 we make custom furniture.

Do you have a room in your house with challenging features? Have you dreamed for a long time about a piece of furniture that you have never found?


We design and execute your idea. The furniture pieces in our collection are customizable, but at re.SK8 we also make furniture from scratch adapted to your vision. We love new challenges.


Get to know some of re.SK8's projects and discover unique and colorful pieces of furniture that will add color to your home:

re.SK8 & Santo Infante - MUT

Custom sideboard re.SK8

re.SK8 & Santo Infante

re.SK8 & Nomade LX


banco re.sk8 nomade lx skates reciclados


re.sk8 santo infante mut porto mesas de cabeceira skates reciclados

re.sk8 aparador skates reciclados mobiliario colorido


Talk to us and start creating your piece of sustainable furniture made from broken skateboards now: send a message via chat or email to