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re.SK8 products are made from recycled broken skateboards. 

Skateboards are made from Canadian Maple, a very special wood with various colors and patterns. Therefore, when a skate (SK8) board is broken (and a lot of them break everyday), the Canadian Maple goes to waste.


resk8 collection broken skateboards


How can we change this?

By re.using the wood of the broken skateboards. Compressing the boards we get a block of wood with a unique pattern. By cutting and hand-crafting each block we create a new line of eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind products.


resk8 process broken skateboards


By re.using and re.shaping the Canadian Maple wood, we are re.charging broken skateboards with a new life.

re.shaping the wood allows for endless design possibilities, having each piece its unique pattern and colors.


re.SK8 colors skateboards


Watch the video for a peek of our process:




Being part of a circular economy, re.SK8 plays an active role in the mission towards zero waste. When you buy a re.SK8 product, you are actively helping the environment. 

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