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Don´t buy another boring mobile phone case. Be different. Customize yours!

A customizable phone case is not only a personal statement, it also makes for a great gift. It will be a practical and thoughtful present. Celebrate your uniqueness by creating your own custom phone case, perfect for protection and giving your device a fun and personal look. Stand out from the crowd with a customizable phone case made from eco-materials specially to you or your loved ones.


It’s very easy. You too can design and own a personalized phone case.  You can choose: The type of wood - the design to engrave - the phone model


Have a great and unique phone case personalized with your idea. Just look at these inspiring wood cases examples, designed by our clients.



How protective are our phone cases?


Our wood cases are bumper cases made from eco-materials giving your mobile a high level of protection. They are molded to fit perfectly to your smartphone. These robust wood cases protect your phone against bumps and scratches.



Screen protector


Our wood cases have a border all around the screen to prevent risks.




Side Grip


They have a side grip for the most slippery fingers




Real wood


Our wood cases are made from a real wood veneer with 0.09 mm. They are assembled by hand. Our team controls the quality of every single wood case.




Having a phone case can significantly increase the lifespan of your phone and protect it against scratches and falls.


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