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Enjoy life and live peacefully.


When we think about a house interiors, there are some furniture pieces that are practically mandatory – a bedside table and a shoe rack.


resk8 mut mesas cabeceira e sapateira madeira e skates


These re.SK8 furniture pieces were designed and developed by Francisco for the MUT building, a new project in Oporto (Monsanto Urban Terrace). A building that combines innovation and irreverence to obtain a comfortable space. The decoration of the model floor was entirely carried out by Atelier Santo Infante – with furniture and decoration pieces that reinforce the concept of comfort - making life uncomplicated and peaceful.   

The re.SK8 bedside table is built from a mix of Chestnut and recycled skateboards and measures 0.55m x 0.40m x 0.35m.


resk8 mut mesas cabeceira


The re.SK8 shoe rack has a French Chestnut structure combined with wood recycled from broken skateboards. This re.SK8 piece of furniture is a useful and sophisticated piece of decoration. For its production, 10 broken skateboards were used. This peace measures 1.20m x 0.50m x 0.45m.


resk8 mut sapateira


Furniture designed for specific spaces and functionalities.


Photography: @abarquitetura.foto

Project: @mutporto



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