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Campo de Ourique neighborhood already has re.SK8 furniture


Combining and transforming different types of wood is our motivation.

Only after gluing the broken skateboards into blocks, we discover the pattern of colors that we are going to work with.


re.sk8 cores riscas madeira skates


In this project proposed to us by Nomade LX we combined French Chestnust with a rubio monocoat oil finishing with recycled skateboards: a combination of colors that allows to highlight the colored stripes of the skates' wood. On the lateral we kept the original cuts of the skates so we can feel their natural lines.


banco re.sk8 cores nomade lx


A bench that can be used with different functionalities – seat for a dining table, hall or bedroom bench. The dimensions can be adjusted to the available space.



banco re.sk8 madeira personalizáveis


In this project, the re.SK8 benches measures are: 1.60m x 0.35m x 0.45m. In the production of this piece of furniture we reused 18 broken skateboards.  


skates reciclados cores resk8


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