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A house decorated in Portuguese


re.sk8 santo infante peças mobiliário madeira


Santo Infante is an atelier dedicated entirely to portuguese brands using them to create decoration and interior design projects. The Open House, in Príncipe Real, which will take place from November 18th to December 18th, is an integral decoration of two houses designed in Portuguese. For this project, re.SK8 developed a desk and a sideboard.

Achieving a balance of lines and color!


re.sk8 aparador porta tambor skates reciclados


TThe structure is in American Oak, the handles and pegs are made from recycled skateboards. The tambour door is made up of 200 wood slats measuring 1cm by 44cm in height which is a defining element of the piece. These slats were obtained through the meticulously cut of the skateboard’s blocks (a total of 25 skateboards). This sideboard has three movements – the rotating door, the fixed shelves and drawers in a combination of spaces.


resk8 santo infante aparador


The table is to be used as a table and/or desk. For this furniture piece were used 15 broken skateboards. Measures: 1.50m x 0.75m x 0.74m. The connection of the structure was made by skate pegs.


resk8 santo infante secretaria madeira skates


Furniture designed for specific spaces and functionalities.


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