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My name is Francisco Varela, the founder of Gcode Factory and re.sK8. I am an Architect born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal and who is passionate about working with wood. Amazed by its natural beauty and variety of patterns and textures, I find wood to be the best way to bring my ideas to life.



Our story


As a skateboard fan, I started to realize that a lot of skateboards are broken everyday. When we look at an old/broken skateboard, we notice that the wear marks have a story to tell: from the flights of stairs it flew, to the handrails it slided. And that their story does not have to end when they break.


Skateboards are made from Canadian Maple, a very special wood with various colors and patterns. If we re.use the wood from different broken skateboards and compress it, we get a block of wood with a unique pattern. By cutting and hand-crafting each block, a new line of eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind products is born. By re.using and re.shaping the Canadian Maple wood, we are re.charging broken skateboards with a new life!


At the same time, I also realized the amount of waste produced by the furniture industry. Combining these two resources, I came across a completely recycled and sustainable material for my creations.





As an Architect, I am thrilled about this process, because re.shaping the wood allows for endless design possibilities, each piece having a unique pattern and colors.


Being part of a circular economy, re.SK8 plays an active role in the mission towards zero waste. When you buy a re.SK8 product, you are actively helping the environment.


Manufactured with dedication and a great appreciation for details, re.SK8 furniture pieces are made to order as the client can choose the wood types, colors and finishing. 


I encourage you to browse our furniture and accessories collections and fall in love with them. You will find unique pieces handcrafted with great care.

Gcode Factory


Gcode Factory is our origin. The first brand we worked under and that still operates through the wood and customized mobile phone cases we offer.


At Gcode Factory, we work with various types of wood (walnut, kingwood, imbuia, maple, mahogany, etc) and combine wood work with digital fabrication to make premium smartphone wood cases.


Every product of Gcode Factory is individually designed and hand-crafted. We take great care in each piece we make, from its conceptualisation to the final coat of Italian varnish.


gcode mobile phone cases


I invite you to explore our Gcode Custom Cases Collection (our client’s favorite!). We are eager to bring your ideas to life through a durable and premium smartphone case. Our team works closely with each customer to make sure that every wood case fits your vision and protects your phone. 


Order your premium wood mobile phone case here.


Or free your imagination and design your own phone case. Find out how here or learn more about the characteristics of our cases.