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Shipping policy

Shipping Methods

GCODE FACTORY will send the customer's order within 1 to 10 business days after receiving the respective amount in our accounts.

If the customer chooses to pay by bank transfer, we will only be able to send the order after obtaining payment confirmation from our bank, which can take up to 7 business days, or after receiving the transfer receipt through the customer.

If we have any questions related to the order (delivery address, payment confirmation, products out of stock, etc.), we will contact the customer through our customer support.


Once the order is shipped, the customer will receive a confirmation email.

Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, with the exception of local or national holidays, to the address the customer indicates when placing orders.

The customer can receive the order wherever he wants (except in PO boxes), from Monday to Friday.

Providing an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may result in the return of the order to GCODE FACTORY, resulting in additional costs for the customer, so we advise you to always make sure that the delivery address indicated when registering the order is effectively correct and complete. Once the order has been processed, it is not possible to change the delivery address or the billing data you have specified.

Free Shipping * (Priority Mail)

The postman deposits the envelope with the parcel at the address indicated. Even if no one is at the address in question, it will be deposited in the mailbox.

If the delivery address indicated by the customer is incorrect or incomplete, the courier of CTT will have no way of leaving you a notification, so the order will immediately go into the process of returning it to GCODE FACTORY.

GCODE FACTORY is not directly responsible for orders not delivered using this payment method. If your order does not arrive on schedule after receiving the e-mail as it was sent, you should contact the brand so that the error is acknowledged and the shipping operation is restored, and if it turns out that the error is in the address and not in the CTT service means extra costs for the buyer. The process of verification and replacement of the material will be pending to the availability of stock of the brand.

* Offer / service valid only for Mainland Portugal and Islands.

Registered mail

The postman delivers the parcel to the address indicated, if no one is there at the time of delivery, a notification will be left for the recipient to pick up the parcel at the post office in their area of ​​residence. The deadline for collecting the order is 5 working days from the date of the attempted delivery.


How to order

The GCODE FACTORY store allows you to place orders easily, quickly and intuitively.

To receive your products safely and comfortably at an address of your choice, you only have to follow a few simple steps. Start by choosing the product you want to buy, and the number of units you want to receive from that product and add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” or “BUY IT NOW” button. At this stage, you can continue your shopping, viewing other products to add to your cart, or you can finish your purchase by clicking on the “CHECKOUT” button. If you have access to a coupon, you can enter it in the section “YOUR DISCOUNT COUPON CODE” having to validate it later by clicking on the “APPLY COUPON” button.

After you have added all the products you want to order to your cart, the “CHECKOUT” button will take you to a summary screen of your order with shipping and billing data. Here, you can consult various information related to your order, such as the products included in it, your total cost accumulated with the purchase. By clicking on “FINALIZE ORDER”, you will be redirected to the last purchase procedures, divided into 4 simple steps:

1 – Address

In this step, if you have already filled in the address and billing fields, you can confirm that they are correct. If you have not yet had this opportunity, it is essential that you provide us with the delivery and billing address so that we can send your order.

2 – Shipping

You can choose the transport service that will distribute your purchase.

3 – Payment

Among the various payment methods that GCODE FACTORY offers, this step will give you the option to choose the mode that is most convenient for you.

4 – Confirmation

Here, you will have access to all the data related to your order, from the products included in them to the total purchase price.

After verifying that all the order details are in accordance with your order, click on the "Order" button. This button will redirect you to the payment platform of your choice.

After these steps, you will receive a confirmation email, where you will find data such as your order number and other relevant information.

If you encounter any problems when placing an order at GCODE FACTORY, please contact our support service via email and you will have access to the GCODE FACTORY customer service that will provide all the information you may need.