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re.SK8 table

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A 100% sustainable table made from recycled materials with details made from broken skateboards.

Conversation moments at the table are those moments that fulfill our lives. Enjoy a meal with your loved ones over the gorgeous re.SK8 table and lose yourself in great talk and colorful details. This table is entirely made from wood waste and has a thousand stories to tell. Wood pieces such as portuguese walnut, kambala, acacia and chestnut, appear as waste from other furniture projects and about 15 broken skateboards that traveled hundreds of kilometers are now part of a stage full of energy. As always, the re.SK8 table can be made to measure to best fit your space.

Good to know 



  • Portuguese Chestnut, Portuguese Walnut, Kambala, Acacia 
  • Measures 1.50x0.75x0.75 m 


    The prices shown are for the measures in the description and production in chestnut or oak wood. The furniture pieces can be produced with the currently available wood waste (chestnut, oak, mahogany, walnut, kambala), chestnut, mahogany or oak. The price varies according to the measurements, chosen wood and finish. All pieces can have a built-in wireless charger. For more information about custom pieces send a message to or fill out the quote request form with the measurements you want + desired wood + finish.



    How many skateboards were used in the re.SK8 table?





    Each re.SK8  piece is unique because each pattern is defined by the skateboards that have been collected. We can't guarantee specific color variations. We can guarantee every single re.SK8 piece will be a colorful and unique piece.




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