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re.SK8 coasters

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Colourful coasters for your table and beyond.

The re.SK8 coasters are made for your kitchen. For the coldest beers, the hottest teas, the most delicious stews, you name it. They are also made for your living room, for the prettiest candles, and the greenest flowers. The re.SK8 coasters are for whatever your imagination wants. They are pretty resistant because of the canadian maple from the broken skateboards that were used to make them. Our square coasters come in packages of 4 and our round coasters are sold individually. So, protect your favorite surfaces with the most colourful coasters you will ever find.




Each re.SK8  piece is unique because each pattern is defined by the skateboards that have been collected. We can't guarantee specific color variations. We can guarantee every single re.SK8 piece will be a colorful and unique piece.




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