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re.SK8 XXL kitchen board

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A sturdy and eco-friendly chopping board.  


Know the fantastic re.SK8 kitchen board that will give color to your kitchen. choose the measurements to adapt to your kitchen robot and stove: the re.SK8 kitchen board is fully customizable. 

The XXL format serves to place over the stove with your kitchen robot to give stability during food preparation, protect the board of the vibrations and direct the steam to the extractor.

your twaterproof treatment make it the ideal companion for your kitchen.

Now it's safer and more fun to cook with the XXL chopping board by re.SK8

Like all re.SK8 accessories this kitchen board is made from use of skateboard boards pranks and others wood waste.


The prices shown are for standard sizes and production in brown or oak wood. The price range varies between €70-€150.

The kitchen board can be produced with currently available waste woods (chestnut, oak, mahogany, walnut, kambala), chestnut, mahogany or oak. The price varies according to the measurements, chosen wood and finish. For more information about custom pieces send a message to or fill out the quote request form with the measurements you want + wood + finishing.




Each re.SK8 part is unique. The colorful pattern is defined by the skateboards that were used in its creation. We cannot guarantee specific color combinations. We can guarantee that every re.SK8 piece will be unique and colorful.




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